Storage Experts Van Hire

Van hire is a cheap alternative to using a removal company; whilst you don’t get the same all-inclusive treatment, it is often the most effective way of moving your goods. By simply hiring a van, you cut out the middle man and the hefty service charge included in removal companies’ prices. However, you need to ensure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew: carefully consider how you plan to move your items if you elect to hire a van.

When to use Van Hire

If you only have a small amount to move, or what you do have to move is light, van hire can be the perfect solution; should you need that extra bit of manpower to help with heavier or more unwieldy objects, van hire companies can often provide a helper or two with the van. However, if you need to move a significant number of things, van hire can be impractical. You need a special HGV licence to drive larger vans, and, even if you do have a licence, few companies offer HGV rental at reasonable prices. If, for example, you plan to use van hire to move house, you could end up making seven or eight round trips, which can result in a highly stressful experience. 

How Can Storage Providers Help?

Storage Experts can often provide you unbeatable deals on van hire. If they are a large enough company, they may be able to provide one of their own vans which costs little, or is free to use; if they are a smaller company, they will be able to arrange for van hire, and may have a special deal with a local van provider. Either way, it is worth consulting them before you seek van hire independently; most accredited self storage companies can provide solutions which offer a great deal of value for money.

Van Hire at your Local Storage Facility.

Contact your loca  self storage facility today to find out how they can help your with your storage and van hire needs.