What is a Box Shop?

When moving into storage, you need to ensure that your items are packaged safely, which is where the Box Shop can help. A box shop is an integral part of any good self storage facility; they are dedicated to selling all manner of storage material, from the specialist to the basic, at very competitive prices. Their staff are also well equipped to deal with any storage and packing questions you may have, and can advise you on the best way to store your goods and the best product to store them with. Despite being located within a storage facility, you do not have to use a storage unit there to buy from them, so they are a great place to get advice and find good quality, inexpensive storage material, whatever you need it for.

What Do They Sell?

Box Shops tend to have a very wide range to match the breadth of their self storage client base. You can find anything you need there: from mundane, everyday items such as bubble wrap and standard card board boxes; to the more specialist, such as acid free tissue paper for wrapping silver, furniture covers or wardrobe boxes that come with a built in rail for hanging clothes. If you rent a storage unit from that particular storage provider, they also tend to be the place to go should you want racking or lighting installed in your unit.

Why Buy From Them?

Since box shops are run from a specialist self storage facility, they tend to offer their products at much lower prices than their equivalent on the high street, which means you get more for your money. They also tend to offer bulk offers, since so many of their clients need a lot of storage material; this means that, should you need to buy several archive boxes, for example, you can often get a hefty reduction on them that you wouldn’t get in a standard retailer. Many also offer ‘moving packs’ which include a mixture of boxes, tape and packing materials. 

Contact your Local Box Shop Today

Each of our Self Storage facilities offers a full rnage of pacaking materials, contact your local store today for more information in connection to Prices and Stock Availability.